Brokerage Services

We offer broking services for a wide range of Fixed-income, FX and derivative products to institutional investors who manage their own investment portfolios. We serve financial institutions, corporate investors, money managers, and public entities. Our vast product offerings include the following:

    Treasury Bills and Bonds: We can help you access an extensive variety of government and agency securities, including treasury bills, notes, bonds, as well as discount note, bullet, and callable agency debt.
    Money market securities: We can help you access a variety of Money Market products, including commercial papers, agency discount notes, bankers' acceptances, money market mutual funds, certificates of deposits (CDs), and variable-rate demand notes.
    State and Corporate debt instruments: Gain taxable or tax-exempt income, liquidity, and predictable cash flow from a leading underwriter of state government/corporate bonds, leases, and notes.
    Eurobonds and Diaspora Bonds: We show best prices and provide liquidity on Eurobonds which are largely traded in the international markets for our clients who are willing to divest from Naira assets.